808TTV E.90 – Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii

Are you ready for some fun in the sun! Well if you live on Oahu, or if you plan to visit Hawaii then you won’t want to miss out on this awesome water soaked fun.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii combines all the fun and excitement of some of the world’s latest water slides and leisure pools with a shaded twenty-nine acre plush tropical surrounding. Whether you choose to laze in the shallows of the Hawaiian Waters wave pool or take on the mighty Tornado, at Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii, we are committed to providing a full day of “splashtacular” fun and relaxation for everyone!

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Video Length: 03:18 (36.5MB)
Location: Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii – Kapolei, Hawaii Map

Watch: 808TTV E.90 – 08/09/2009
YouTube: 808Talk Hawaii: Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii

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