808TTV E.91 – CANstruction Honolulu 09

The 4th Annual Honolulu CANstruction Design/Build Competition was held today, August 15 from 8:00am – 2:00 pm at Pearlridge Mall, Uptown. This was an exciting six-hour competition led by AIA Architects, design professionals and engineers. Teams erected giant, carefully designed structures that were built entirely out of canned food to fit within a “footprint” of eight feet by eight feet, and as tall as eight feet. As they were being built you could see each structure taking on a form and design of its own. The canned food being used for the build as well as the canned food that will be used to cast votes, will benefit the Hawaii Food Bank.

Mahalo again to Fung Associates, Inc. for inviting 808Talk along for the ride and a special mahalo to Polly Kauahi, Director of Development at the Hawaii Food Bank for taking some time to talk with us about the great service the HFB provides for the people of Hawaii.

2009 Honolulu CANstruction Buildoff

Juror’s Favorite: “Poi Pounder” by Fung Associates

More about CANstruction Honolulu

Japanese 日本語
第4回目 缶建築が今日スタートしました!文字通りテーマにそった建築物、毎年ながら思考をこらし各チームが缶を積み組み立ててゆきます。約2週間の間に人々によって投票が行われ優勝チームが決定します。今年は何処のチームにその栄冠が輝くでしょうか!

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