808TTV E.93 – Sailing The Makani

Visiting the island of Oahu? Looking for a great relaxing experience? Why not take a sailing adventure on the Makani Catamaran and enjoy the beautiful scenery off the coast of Hawaii’s hot spot, Waikiki.

A few weeks ago I received a complimentary invite to enjoy a day of sailing on the Makani Catamaran along with a group of other travel and tourism professionals here in the islands. The experience was so relaxing and enjoyable. From the friendly atmosphere of the crew, to the wonderful pastry’s that complemented the ride. It was a day for me just to sit back, relax and take in all the beauty and calmness of being out on the Pacific Ocean.

Whether you plan to take a trip alone on the Makani or with a group of friends or family, I’m sure you will enjoy. The experience shared with other travelers is one you won’t forget and as a bonus you might just see some beautiful sea turtles or dolphins or maybe meet a new friend. So if you’re looking for that extra special event to add to your vacation list, be sure and remember Makani Catamaran. You can book a trip direct from Makani or throughout our generous sponsor via the links below.

Makani Catamaran
Makani Catamaran

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Makani Catamaran: www.sailmakani.com
Book An Adventure: http://808t.in/0fw

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