Before The Beginning There Was Maui

Demigod Maui

One day the Demigod Maui fashioned a large magic fishhook. He went to his brothers and asked them to go out to sea with him to use the hook. His brothers reluctantly agreed and went with him. On the sea, Maui instructed his brothers to paddle the canoe and not look back from where they had come. No matter what they heard, don’t look back, they were told. Maui cast his hook into the sea and told his brothers to paddle and paddle hard. The canoe moved slowly because they had hooked something large. They pulled and pulled and soon a rumbling sound was heard behind the canoe, “pull” Maui instructed, “PULL!” Finally, one of the brother’s curiosities got the better of him and he looked back. To his amazement he saw Maui had pulled the Hawaiian Islands up from the bottom of the sea with the magic hook. Due to the brother looking back, the hook let go and we have only the Hawaiian Islands instead of a continent.

Hawaiian Islands
The Hawaiian Islands

Photo Credit: (Waifer X) / CC BY 2.0

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