Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle Vetoes Civil Unions

House Bill 444 (Civil Unions) - Vetoed

Republican Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii, announced today that she will veto HB 444 which would have allowed for same-sex civil unions in the state of Hawaii. After taking the full 45 working days she is allowed under state law to consider her decision and after going back and forth she announced her final decision saying “I feel very comfortable with my decision,” and “I think I gave (the issue) the dignity that it deserved.” The Governor also mentioned the issue being of such importance that it should go before the people of Hawaii, meaning a vote and said “I would be surprised (if) this does not go on the next available ballot.”

Don’t hold back, please feel free to voice your opinion below no matter if you are for or against.

Read the entire transcript of today’s announcement @ HawaiiWeblog.com

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