808TTV E.94 – Hiromi Kanda: Hiromi in Love

In this episode we sit down with 神田広美 / Hiromi Kanda in Honolulu, Hawaii and talk story in an exclusive Japanese 日本語 interview discussing her latest English debut CD release “Hiromi in Love” featuring the musicians of the Honolulu Symphony orchestra and background vocals from local Hawaii singer/entertainer Anita Hall. With “Hiromi in Love” having recently been released, Hiromi Kanda is already back at work in the studio putting the final touches on her second English CD slated to release possibly this fall or early 2011.

Born in Nagasaki, Japan, where her parents owned a painting business, Hiromi Kanda was exposed to American music via the armed forces personnel stationed in the city. At the age of 8, Hiromi and her family moved to Osaka, where she developed an appreciation for many forms of music from Sinatra and Cole Porter to the Monkees and the Supremes. She vowed to become a professional singer and began working steadily toward that goal. At the age of 19, Hiromi auditioned for Japan’s popular television show A Star Is Born–an American Idol – like predecessor. Winning the contest over an initial two million applicants, Hiromi was signed to a recording contract and released an album that sold well. Ultimately, however, she put her singing on hold to develop her skills as a lyricist. It wasn’t until recent years that Hiromi decided, due to the respect and love she and her husband, Yusuke Hoguchi, shared for the great American standards, that Hiromi should pick up the mic again. With Yusuke serving as executive producer, as well as collaborator on two of the featured tracks, Hiromi began work on the recordings and video that now comprise Hiromi in Love.

Japanese 日本語
神田宏美さん、アメリカンアイドルの日本版”スター誕生”で合格し、日本でデビュー、その後作詞家として山口百恵さん/伊藤ぎんじさん/安里さんなどの歌を手がけ、今年3月アメリカでデビュー。ハワイがとても大好きで、又ホノルルシンフォニーとの出会いから、ホノルルシンフォニーがバックで”Hiromi in Love”が誕生。宏美さんのオリジナルソングも2曲も有り、50年代のクラブで歌う 大人の雰囲気満点、現在2作目のCDのレコーディング中。

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