Pearl Harbor Survivors Last Hawaii Reunion

Pearl Harbor (Photo By: exfordy)

The opening of the new Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is also the final reunion of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association. The group returns to Hawaii every five years. Membership in the group, chartered by Congress, is dwindling as members advance in years. For those who remain, traveling to Hawaii is physically taxing. The group decided to make this reunion the last gathering in Hawaii.

Membership is open to active military who were on duty and survived the Pearl Harbor bombings 69 years ago on December 7, 1941. National and state chapters are run by members who are all in their late 80′s or over 90 years of age. The national Pearl Harbor Survivors Association is considering disbanding due to low membership and workload on remaining members.

The Virginia Pearl Harbor Survivors Association thrives for now. Meet two Virginia Beach members of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association who traveled to Hawaii for this year’s reunion.

Bill Temple, president of the state chapter is returning to Hawaii for the first time since his tour of duty in the 1940′s. At 91 years young, Bill is sharp as a tack and keeps a schedule that would tire someone half his age. He is joined on the trip by his daughter Joan.

Bill Temple

Ernest “Dave” Davenport, state treasurer for the group, is joined by his wife and three sons. A youthful 89 years old, Dave’s personal mission is to make us all aware and alert so we are better prepared for the future.

Ernest “Dave” Davenport

Welcome back to Hawaii and thank you for your service.

Feature Photo Credit: exfordy

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9 Responses to “ Pearl Harbor Survivors Last Hawaii Reunion ”

  1. We were lucky to meet several Pearl Harbor survivors and you can hear their stories at

  2. I recently discovered your fine site, and am interested in finding out how my father may obtain membership in the Pearl Harbor Survivor organization. He was on the Tennessee on that fateful day, I my family is hoping to bring him to the memorial soon. Thank you so much for any help that you can provide.

  3. I’m sorry that I did not add my father’s name on my earlier post. My father’s name is Charles Adrain Koehler (pronounced Kaylor). I am so proud of everything that you veterens have done. I work in the schools, and make sure that every child I come in contact with knows of your,and your fallen fellow heroes’ great sacrifice. God Bless you all mightly!

  4. We met several Pearl Harbor Survivors this year and you can read more about these Pearl Harbor Survivors Association members here:

    For Pearl Harbor Survivors Association membership information, contact the group online: or through state chapters.

  5. in what state do you reside u will need a copy of your fathers discharge.

    - bill temple

  6. I have a friend whose husband was in Hawaii in WWII. How may I find out if he was at Pearl on Dec 7, ’41?

  7. @Ralph

    Here are a few lists of those who perished during the attack on Pearl Harbor and also those who survived the attack.

  8. Sad news to report. This month I was notified that Pearl Harbor survivor and President of the state Pearl Harbor Survivors Association William “Bill” Temple passed away. You can read his story here

  9. @April

    That’s very sad news. Such a loss…slowly those fine individuals and their memories are disappearing.

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