808T E.141 – Hawaii Five-0 Sunday Morning

Aloha on this beautiful Sunday morning! It’s been awhile, but we’re still here. Back in the recording booth and asking our listeners out there how they feel about the new Hawaii Five-0 series in comparison to the original series. Also we introduce a tease from some new music and give tribute to our great service members who give their all for the United States. A reminder again that you can get us via your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by downloading our 808Talk iPhone app from iTunes. As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful 808Talk listeners so be sure and leave us a comment below or check us out on Facebook.

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Intro Music By Darin Leong (Buy: iTunes)
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Show Length: 16:19

Listen: 808T E.141 – 08/14/2011 (15.0MB)

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3 Responses to “ 808T E.141 – Hawaii Five-0 Sunday Morning ”

  1. Good to see you back VBrown!!



  2. @Eric

    I know right! Been a long time, but I never forgot you all out there. I’ll be finishing up Grad school this fall, then calling it pau for school for awhile and getting back into 808Talk and others things I love.

    Aloha and thanks for the continued support!

  3. The first season of the new Hawaii Five-0 series was fun to watch and kept my attention. The second season started out strong though found a couple of shows a bit lame. This week they are back on track.

    It’s a bonus to see those awesome scenes of Waikiki beach, Duke’s Lagoon, Ala Wai Canal and other favorite locales. I wrote a three part piece comparing the original and new Hawaii Five-0 shows. Check it out at http://www.808talk.com/2010/10/18/hawaii-five-0-now-and-then-what-would-the-lord-think-pt-1/ .

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