808T E.142 – Hawaii Pic Of The Day

Aloha! It’s another beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii! Back again from a podcast hiatus and feeling good to be on the mic. Today we go over some Hawaii news that has happened so far in 2012 and we reminisce about the beginning roots (podcast) here at 808Talk. Our feature today is a new website from a Big Island resident that features a view into the scenery that is unique yet diverse in nature to Hawaii. We also revisit the various mobile ways, both FREE and paid, that you can experience 808Talk via your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android powered phone, and the Amazon Kindle. As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful 808Talk listeners so be sure and leave us a comment below or check us out on Facebook.

Photo Credit: (Hawaii Picture of the Day)

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Show Length: 27:49

Listen: 808T E.142 – 02/19/2012 (25.6MB)

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4 Responses to “ 808T E.142 – Hawaii Pic Of The Day ”

  1. Vernon,
    Just wanted to say that I have been a listener for many years and enjoy your podcasts. Sure I wish they were more frequent but I will take what I can get. Thank you for this one!!!


  2. @Bill,

    Mahalo for the long time support of 808Talk! We sure do wish we could do more like in the beginning days, but we are trying our best to get back into a normal routine.


  3. You’re back! Yay!

  4. @Amy,

    Aloha and mahalo for stopping by and checking out the new show! So great to be back! Yay!

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