ALTERNATIVE HI Compilation Album Released


A new album has hit the streets of Hawaii and around the world featuring a new style of music that most wouldn’t associate with Hawaii. 18 local bands have come together and put their blood sweat and tears into the first ever Hawaii Alternative Rock Compilation Album called ALTERNATIVE HI. Produced by Shawn Livingston Moseley and Brandon Apeles, ALTERNATIVE HI is sure to be a welcomed addition to anyone out there who enjoys not only underground alternative music, but also music originating from the massive talent that exist in Hawaii.

Alternative HI is now out on iTunes and at Island-wide retail stores including Target, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and more. The album is being released world-wide by Mountain Apple Co. This new compilation is an exciting move for the local music scene and one that the artist and producers alike hope will stir up interest in the amazing and talented pool of local artists. Please consider giving this album a listen and then spread the word to your friends and family.

Alternative HI – Album Reaction Interviews – Clip #1

Artists on the album include:

1. Sabrina
2. Sing The Body
3. Disaster Kit
4. The Intire Project
5. Erika Elona
6. Kelli Heath
7. Johnny Helm
8. Rabbitt & The Propers
9. Hollow Spheres
10. Prevail
11. Mantra
12. Owaila
13. Sex Puppet
14. Kevin Jones
15. After Ever After
16. Mano Kane
17. Saving Cadence
18. Mike Love

Alternative HI – Album Reaction Interviews – Clip #2


To learn more about ALTERNATIVE HI, visit or “LIKE” ALTERNATIVE HI here:

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