808TTV E.95 – View From Koko Head

Hiking is abundant in Hawaii, from easy trails to more advanced trails, and is a favorite weekend event I enjoy doing to stay healthy and fit and to also get out and see the great views that only Hawaii has to offer. This week I take you to the top of Koko Head on the island of Oahu. What an awesome challenge and rewarding view at the top and just another one of those good things about Hawaii.

Next time you’re visiting and looking for something to do, just grab some water, sunscreen and a good pair of shoes and take the challenge to the top of Koko Head!

Koko Head is the headland that defines the eastern side of Maunalua Bay along the southeastern side of the Island of Oʻahu in Hawaiʻi. On its western slope is the community of Portlock, a part of Hawaiʻi Kai. Koko Head (at 642 ft or 196 m) is an ancient tuff cone that is somewhat dwarfed by its neighboring tuff cone, Koko Crater, with its peak, Kohelepelepe (or Puʻu Mai), rising to 1208 ft or 368 m. Koko Head itself has three significant depressions or old vents, the largest of which forms the well-known Hanauma Bay.

Source: Wikipedia

Koko Head
Koko Head

Photo Credit: (808Talk) / © All rights reserved

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Pictures: Koko Head
Location: Koko Head – Oahu, Hawaii Map

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