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Punahou School – Buff ‘n Blue

Punahou School

Charles Reed Bishop was a very prominent business figure on Oahu in the 1800′s. So much so that one evening Charles Reed Bishop returned home following work and announced to his wife, Princess Pauahi, that he was to be one of the new Board of Directors for the new Oahu College. This new college was [...]

808T E.136 – End Of Another GREAT Hawaii Year!

808T E.136 - End Of Another GREAT Hawaii Year!

This looks to be our last podcast for the 2008 year! Today we catch you up on things that took place over the past few months in the islands. From details of Kanye’s new album to the Obama’s who are vacationing in the island, we get you up to speed on all Hawaii things. As [...]

Power Restored On Oahu-Hawaii

Hawaiian Electric (Flickr ©pmo)

Well as you all have probably heard by now, last night was a pretty un-electric night. A night filled with a marvelous display of power in the skies and a lacking display of power in the hale. In short a complete blackout on the entire Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Not since the earthquake of October [...]

BaRocking In Hawaii With The Obama’s

Obama Beach Rental Home (AP Photo/Marco Garcia)

Hawaii is once again all abuzz with the upcoming first family back in town. The Obama’s, who are scheduled for a 10 day holiday stay on Oahu, arrived this past Saturday by a charted United Airlines flight at Honolulu International Airport where they were greeted by a handful of reporters waiting to get that perfect [...]